Roaches In My Car? Get Rid Of Them Here

Finding roaches in my car is not only annoying, but can be dangerous!


Roaches in my car graphic

Imagine driving your car down the highway and a big, fat, juicy roach flops out of your sun-visor and lands on your face.

Bad times bro.

Not to mention that a car infested with roaches is a great way to ruin date night!

Following these tips got rid of the roaches in my car and kept them from coming back:


The best prevention technique to keep roaches from ever getting inside of your car is to clean out any obvious items that roaches love: food, water, shelter.

Removing these things will either starve (and kill!) the roaches in the vehicle or force them to move out in search of better living conditions.

Obviously, you do not want exposed food (or water) laying around your vehicle.  That fry you dropped between the seats 6 months ago is still there:

Your car (like your home) can be a safe haven for roaches.  Nice and warm with dark spots to hang out in until that bag of potato chips gets crumpled up, tossed in the back seat and forgotten about.

Give your car a deep clean (the vacuum is your friend here and will not only suck up crumbs but also any roach eggs that may have been laid) and remove any and all trash that you find.

Roaches are in your car for a reason: to eat.

So don’t leave food in your car people.

Instead, replace those half eaten Slim Jims with bait traps!


Once you have a roach infestation in your car (and vents) you have to do something to get rid of them.  I do not recommend using foggers or roach bombs because although these are highly effective, you will be breathing in the chemicals the next time you get in the car.  Plus, the fogger may not reach deep into the vehicle, behind panels and wiring.

Instead, use disposable bait traps to lure the roaches out of the nooks and crannies (also eaten by roaches).

These little buggers (haha) are great to kill the roaches in the vehicle without turning the car into a toxic wasteland.

Place your traps at night (when you are not driving around – plus, roaches are more active at night anyway) for the most success.

Typically, you will want to place your traps where roaches like to hang out: Underneath seats, between seats, under mats, and don’t forget about the glove box!

Following the tips above got rid of the roaches in my car and will work in yours!

Don’t end up like this:

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