Roaches In Your Keurig? Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Coffee Maker

Is Your Keurig Infested?

Don’t Panic.

Douglas Adams may have been on to something with that phrase as it applies perfectly to this problem (and the solution doesn’t even require a Hitchhiker’s Guide)

Keurig coffee makers are attractive shelters for roaches.

Think about it.

The inner workings of your coffee pot are warm, dark, moist, and relatively undisturbed (how often do you pick up and move your coffee maker?).  Finding those 4 attributes in one location is Heaven on earth for your little roach roommates.


The roaches are not attracted to your coffee per se (although coffee is a very tasty bonus), but they are after that easily accessible, never ending supply of water that the Kuerig provides.  This is key.  While roaches can go months without food, lack of water will kill them in a week.

So if you have sleepily shuffled to the kitchen one early morning for a quick coffee fix, only to have roaches pop out of the top like some kind of demented Jack-In-The-Box, have no fear, and remember…Don’t Panic.

Here’s what to do to get rid of roaches in your Keurig:

Lots of websites recommend submerging your coffee pot in roach killing chemicals or bleach (or just giving up and throwing the whole thing out).

But the idea is to be able to free your infested Keurig of roaches in a way that does not end up with you drinking Clorox flavored coffee for years to come.

Here are 3 ways to get roaches out of your Keurig coffee maker:

1.  Freeze Roaches To Death

If you are lucky(?) enough to live in a part of the country that experiences sub freezing temperatures, simply drain, unplug, and bring the whole coffee machine outside and let it sit for about an hour.  The roaches can’t handle the shock of going from your cozy warm house to sub freezing temperatures that quickly.  Most will die within 30 minutes, but give it a full hour to be sure.

Those unlucky(?) enough to live in an area that is not currently the frozen tundra, simply make room in your freezer and toss the Keurig in to chill.

2. Use Borax or Boric Acid

Remember our friend Boric Acid?

Well, it turns out Boric Acid and/or Borax are great ways to kill those roaches in your Keurig.

First, remove the water reservoir and any left over K-cups in the machine.  Then simply sprinkle a ring of boric acid around the base of your Keurig.

I like to call it the Ring Of Death, but you can name it whatever you like.

Getting rid of the roach’s water source will force it to come out of the machine in search of H2O (you can also set a trap to help encourage the roaches to come out).   The roach will exit the coffee pot and pick up the poisonous (to roaches, not to people) boric acid as it does.

You’ll need to allow about 72 hours to be sure that the roaches have come out, interacted with the boric acid and have died.

3.  Use Roach Gel

If Boric acid is not doing the trick, run out and grab some roach bait gel to use instead.  The idea is the same, create a Ring of Death around your unit using the gel and wait for the roaches to come into contact with it.  Gel bait is much more powerful at attracting and killing roaches than Boric Acid, but it is also more harmful to humans and pets if ingested.  Only use this method if the area around your coffee pot is inaccessible to small children and/or pets.

After applying one of the 3 methods to kill the roaches in your Keurig, you are going to have to remove the dead roaches from the unit.  To do this, you will need to disassemble the unit (remove the K-cup holder, drip tray, water reservoir, and unscrew the metal plate at the bottom of the unit) and pick out your dead roaches (fun for the whole family!).

Prevent future roaches from returning by keeping your coffee maker clean, dry, and unplugged.  The warmth from the electric current of a plugged in appliance is enough to attract bugs.

I then recommend a thorough cleaning (using vinegar NOT bleach!) of your Keurig.  This will ensure that any germs left behind by previous “guests” get thoroughly washed away and sanitized.

Want more home remedies to kill roaches? Check out our top 5 methods.



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  1. Help. Just moved into a 4plex and guess what…4 types of roaches everywhere. Whay does a nest look like and where to place bait traps etc help!!!

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