Roaches In Your House? Use Roach Gel Bait To Remove Them

No one likes when they have roaches in the house.

There are lots of ways to get rid of roaches, but if you are willing to spend a couple bucks and take advantage of the lethality of chemicals, then the most effective method that I have found is to use a roach bait gel (specifically, this one from Amazon: Hot Shot 95789 Mini Ultra Liquid Roach Bait, 6 Count – Price: $8.37).

While using roach “motels” and glue traps allow you to catch a handful (not literally, that’s gross) of the buggers, roach gel allows you to kill roaches at the source of the problem – the nest.

How to Use Roach Bait Gels

Roach baits make it easy to get those roaches in house out of there!

Most roach gels are delivered via a syringe or bait gun.

The idea is to squirt the gel bait into popular roach hang out spots such as under the fridge, under the sink, high cabinets or any other warm, dark, un-disturbed places in your home.

Roaches are able to smell the bait from about 4 feet away, so apply liberally throughout your house to ensure that every roach gets the invitation to dinner.

As with any potentially harmful chemical, be sure to educate small children about it’s effects and place the bait in locations not easily accessible to pets.

How Roach Gel kills Roaches (Hint: It’s Fipronil)

Roach gel is formulated to be as irresistible as possible and are way more attractive to roaches than outdated solid bait traps and roach motels.

To a roach, gel bait is a hot, steamy animal style In & Out Burger, whereas a standard roach trap is the soggy, smushed bag lunch sandwich they used to give you on field trips.

In and Out Burger VS baloney

Which would you choose?

Note: Make sure there are no actual cheeseburgers laying around your house as the roach will bypass the gel bait and go after that burger instead.  Keep your house clean and free of easy meals for roaches!

The roach is drawn to the delicious gel bait and chows down.  In addition to the sweet, sweet gel, the roach is also eating bits of insecticide (usually Fipronil) which it carries with it back to the nest.

Once the roach returns to the nest it (hopefully) poops a couple of times, with the poop containing lots of the insecticide itself.

The roach then dies (about 72 hours after eating) from the effects of the chemical which acts as a neurotoxin, shutting down the roach’s central nervous system.

Other roaches (especially young roaches who can only eat soft, mushy food – i.e. poop) then eat the leftover poops and the body of the dead roach itself, ingesting the Fipronil themselves and dying from its effects.

This process continues until there are no more roaches left to eat the remains.

Fipronil found in roach bait gels typically kill about 95% of the roach colony, leaving your shoe or rolled up newspaper to handle the survivors.

In my experience with the Hot Shots Liquid Roach Bait, it took about 2 weeks (and one reapplication) to completely get rid of my roach problem but was well worth the money (I bought two packs).

If you don’t want to work with toxic chemicals due to having children, pets, or hippies running around your house, definitely check out some of the best ways to kill roaches using household items.

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