Cockroach Bites – Prevention & Treatments

Cockroach Bites Are A Real Thing!?


Just when you thought roaches couldn’t get any more repulsive, now we find out that they can bite (and tend to do it while you are sleeping).

All cockroaches are capable of biting but the ones nibbling on your ear lobes are most likely of the German Cockroach variety, as these little buggers (haha) have chewing mouth parts big enough to penetrate your skin.

Why do cockroaches bite people?

Because, technically, you are food.

Cockroaches are omnivores (eat pretty much anything) and humans are included in that “anything” group.

To a roach, you are simply a big ole sweaty bag of meat, full of delicious dead skin flakes and tasty hair follicles to much on.

What do cockroach bites look like?

Like this basically:

cockroach bites

Think, mosquito bite, but bigger and redder.

How to prevent cockroach bites

First of all, if you get bitten by a roach, then you most likely have a serious infestation problem.

This is because roaches will go after the easiest and most available food sources first (garbage, left out food, crumbs, standing water, etc).

If a roach goes after you, then there is most likely too much competition from other roaches for those food sources!

Prevent a roach attack by eliminating those easy to get food and water sources first.  This will discourage your roach population to move on to “greener pastures” where food is more plentiful and easier to come by.

Kill the remaining roaches by using some handy household roach killing methods, and rest easy at night!

How to treat cockroach bites

Don’t scratch!

Like mosquito bites, scratching the bite itself can cause the bacteria and infection to spread.  Instead, first treat the bite with rubbing alcohol to kill any germs/bacteria left over from the roach.

Then, apply some Cortizone Cream to the area which will help to clear up the redness as well as the itchy sensation of the bites.

Good night! Don’t let the (roaches) bite!

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