Boric Acid For Roaches – How To Use It Correctly

So you’ve discovered that Boric Acid powder is one of the best roach killers out there.  It is the “secret ingredient” in lots of home remedies used to get rid of roaches.

While it requires some patience, boric acid for roaches works very well.

Boric acid will work (and work very well) but it can take up to 2 weeks to completely cure your roach problem.  The roaches will pick up the boric acid powder on their bodies during their daily travels.  They then return to the nest and “clean” themselves by eating the bits and pieces of stuff that has stuck to them during the day – including the boric acid.  The powder then poisons the roach and they die.  Other roaches then eat the dead roach and ingest the boric acid themselves.

The cycle continues until all the roaches have died.

Good Times!

boric acid for roaches makes for good times!

But you can’t just sprinkle it everywhere like sugar on your french toast.

For maximum effectiveness, you will need to apply this fantastic natural substance in a methodical and controlled way.

Don’t use too much

When it comes to boric acid for roaches, less is more.

You do not want to lay down a thick coat of it in hopes that the cockroaches will swing by, lay down on their backs and create “boric-acid angels”.  It’s not gonna happen.

Cockroaches will actively avoid obstacles in their way, and a thick wall of boric acid is going to force the roaches to go around it – instead of through it, and on top of it like you want.

What you want is a light dusting of the boric acid placed in strategic areas.

Don’t forget about those hard to reach places

While you should definitely place the boric acid for roaches in obvious high traffic areas (near entry points to the outside, near trash containers and appliances and anywhere you’ve actually spotted a roach), don’t forget about the places that roaches tend to dwell.

The two main locations for roach activity (due to ample supplies of food and water) are the kitchen and the bathroom.

In the kitchen, lay down some boric acid under the fridge, stove and dishwasher.  Also under and behind the washer/dryer if they are located there.  Check your baseboards for cracks and spray the boric acid into them if you find them.  If your cockroach infestation is really bad, you’ll also want to pop off the covers to electrical outlets and spray in there.  The roaches like the warmth of electrical wires.

In a bathroom, boric acid for roaches should be applied to any cracks or broken seals.  Check in and around the tub/shower as well as behind the toilet.  I always sprinkle some into my sink drains because roaches like to eat left over toothpaste.

For more roach killing tips, be sure to check out the info-packed Roach Killer Guide!

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